Zac Efron’s Body Transformation

Zac Efron Body Transformation After Picture

Zac Efron’s Transforms His Body

If you’re a teenage girl, or the mother of a teenage girl, there’s a good chance that you’re a fan of Zac Efron. After all, what’s there not to love about this guy? He can sing, dance, act and has abs that we can only dream about. While he first rose to fame as Troy Bolton in High School Musical, he soon made a name for himself starring in movies like The Lucky One, 17 Again, That Awkward Moment, Hairspray and New Year’s Eve. Now, he’s a bona fide movie star getting ready to release his new film, Neighbors.

For those that have no idea what Neighbors is, it’s a comedy which features actors like Seth Rogan, Dave Franco and Rose Byrne. From Rogan alone, you can probably guess that it will be super raunchy, as it focuses on a couple with a newborn baby that move into a place right next to a fraternity house.  Of course the family begins to experience a lot of difficulties and funny conflicts along the way. Basically, it’s a must see film that will have you laughing your head off the whole time.

Zac Efron Body Transformation Before Picture

Zac Efron Transforms His Body

It’s so cool to see that Efron has parlayed his child star days into a lengthy career. While he had his bumps along the way (remember when he entered rehab for a cocaine addiction last year?), he never fell to the ranks of stars like Lindsay Lohan and Leif Garrett. He still maintained his heartthrob status, with girls drooling over him left and right. A lot of that is thanks to his incredible physique. Since he’s devoted to eating well and working out, Efron has completely transformed his body.Who could forget that he won Best Shirtless Performance for That Awkward Moment at this year’s MTV Movie Awards?

A body like Efron’s is hard to achieve, but if you’re determined, it’s definitely possible. For starters, you don’t need to do a lot of cardio like running and jogging. Instead, all you have to focus on is getting at least 12,000 steps in every day and eating only whole foods like egg whites, sweet potatoes, nuts, green vegetables, chicken and fish. With this combination and some willpower, a body like Efron’s isn’t out of reach.

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