Young Celebrities Getting Plastic Surgery

Working in Hollywood can be a witch, especially as you age. Just ask Maggie Gyllenhaal who recently revealed she was told she was too old to play the romantic opposite of a 55-year old at the age of 37. While Gyllenhaal seems to be keeping her natural looks, not all celebrities aren’t taking that risk. Some of Hollywood’s youngest have taken a turn or two under the knife far before their 30th birthday.

Young Celebrities Getting Plastic Surgery

Diana Agron: Despite singing a song promoting self-love on Glee, Agron had surgery twice on her nose. Agron had her first surgery in high-school after her nose was broken and a second surgery on her nose before her 25th birthday.

Jenelle Evans:  Apparently becoming a celebrity after giving birth as a teenager wasn’t enough for Evans. This barely-legal got a boob job at the age of 20. If she keeps up her growing up to fast, she’ll be buying dentures and a cane by the time she’s 40.


Janelle Evens Boob Job
Lindsay Lohan:  Lohan famously went under the knife resulting in a shockingly older appearance. This isn’t the result most celebrities are usually looking for, but Lohan has rarely walked to the same beat of the drum. Lohan is at least as well-known for her antics (including a stint in jail for drunk driving) as she is for her acting.

Heidi Montag: Perhaps one of the biggest makeovers (before Bruce changed his name to Caitlyn), was Heidi Montag who underwent an intensive day of surgical procedures. She had 10 different surgeries in one day at the age of 24!  Breast implants, Botox, fillers and a chin reduction were a few of her procedures.  Here’s hoping her kids recognize her in photos when she’s older. Montag did speak out afterwards and say she wished she’d never had the procedures.

Heidi Montag Breast Implants Photo

Ashely Tisdale: This former Disney-star went under the knife for a nose job and a little plumping of the lips. The job was well done, but a drastic change for this young star.

When Hollywood starts claiming the youth of some of Hollywood’s youngest faces, it may time to take a step back and reconsider the industry as a whole. Hats off to Gyllenhaal who is open about her frustration with Hollywood’s seemingly endless need for plumped up boobs and unrealistic love pairings. If the Hollywood trend doesn’t bother you, consider that a recent study showed that 13 percent of plastic surgeons noted an increase of celebrity-like procedures from their patients.

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