Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Yoon Eun Hye looks so attractive and beautiful. Like other famous Korean actresses, it was noticed that she looks different than she used to. Rumors then began that Eun Hye had some work done on her body. What plastic surgery did she undergo? Many people speculate that there were changes to her eyes, breasts, and nose. Comparing her past photos and her latest photos, this may be true.

Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery

Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

First, Eun Hye’s eyes look more open than they used to be, therefore she may have undergone eyelid surgery. It also looks like she had some changes to her nose, including the shape. In the past, her nose looked like it had a bigger tip and a wider bridge than it does now. It looks like the nose job was very well done.

And the third obvious change is her breasts. It seems that a breast augmentation or breast implants have made her breasts bigger, tighter and rounder. From the photos, it’s obvious that her A cup breasts have turned into B cup breasts. It also looks like she may have had plastic surgery to change the shape of her jaw. Her surgeries all look like they were well done, and they’ve done a great thing for her beauty.

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12 Responses

  1. Sander says:

    Stupid post. I don’t see any changes in her face. how could you compare one without makeup vs the recent one. And also not to mention, many fashion photos are photoshopped when you see them on magazines

  2. Jen Ng says:

    I wish that I has a smile and lip like an actress Yoon Eun Hye. Even I am a woman, I still love her lip. She is very beauty when I first saw her Princess Hour drama and until now it is no different on her face.

    You have a beautiful face and heart, so I will always be your fan until I death.

  3. Jen Ng says:

    She has a nature beauty. On two pictures above, one is younger and fat, and the other is skinny and has make up. I see the same one two pictures without any change on her face.

    I think it is very smart for celebrity people do some plastic surgery because they will have more fans and become famous. Every one wants to be beauty, so it is very normal and not be a topic to discuss.

  4. Angel says:

    One picture is of her when she is much younger and one picture is more recent and with makeup on too! So it’s really hard to tell if she had surgeries comparing these photos. Of course the body changes and matures as you get older you lose babyfat, your chin thins out, and other facial features become less round and more pronounced. And guess what… your breast might even get bigger!

  5. Minnie says:

    I SEE NO DIFFERENCE -.- Just loss a bit of weight, better makeup on and good camera lighting….

  6. HAHA sama says:


  7. Samuel says:

    You are really stupid huh… Yoon Eun Hye’s breast looks bigger because she is just maturing. It may be due to her diet since diet can also change a woman’s breast size. I am not a woman but I know it myself because my aunt tells me … Korean women…. I feel bad for women due to the fact they have a lot of periods of growth they have go through. Plus her bra makes it look big

  8. Anonymous says:

    your English doesn’t make any sense lol the article is so poorly written …

  9. Anonymous says:

    she just lose weight and put make-up to put some effects on her face. It’s normal to improve one’s appearance without having plastic surgery, right?

  10. Katniss chaezelle belle knightley says:

    I just wanted to ask,is it basically the real that mostly korean celebrities undergo plastic surgery and changes on physical appearance before entering the field of showbiz?

  11. Katniss chaezelle belle knightley says:

    Briefly and frankly,their beauty wasn’t the real one.That was only developed by new improved process.But well,eun-hye do look good too,but i prefer those who have real beauty shown in and out of the camera…But don’t worry,she’s kinda nice and alluring too…