What Will The New Red Carpet Fashion Trends Be?

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Now that the VMAs and Emmys are far behind us, it’s pretty clear what some of the upcoming red carpet trends are going to be this year at award shows like the Academy Awards, Grammys and Golden Globe Awards.  For starters, if you take a look at what Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have been pictured in lately, it’s obvious that silver is in. While silver is definitely a color that not everyone can pull off, Lopez and Azalea made it work perfectly.

Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Silver

Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Silver

Silver is not the only color that you should keep an eye out for on the red carpet. Red and white gowns were also super popular among Hollywood’s greatest at MTV and TV’s big nights.  In fact, Sofia Vergara turned heads all over the world when she showed up to the Emmys in a beautiful white strapless, body hugging dress. Then, there were co-stars January Jones and Christina Hendricks who both attended TV’s night to remember in stunning red gowns.

However, colors aren’t the only trend to take notice of. Of course shape-wise, there are some fashion trends that are coming to the forefront. For instance, right now clever cutouts are totally in. At the Emmys, Lizzy Caplan was wearing one of those types of dresses in black and white. Then, there are cropped top dresses which are also one of the hottest trends right now. Sarah Hyland was seen rocking one of these just last month at the Emmys.

Julia Roberts Rocks the Mini

Julia Roberts Rocks the Mini

Personally, I don’t know how much I’m digging the two-piece, cropped top dress look. It just doesn’t scream glamorous to me, and in the end, isn’t that what you want to be at the biggest night in your prospective field? As far as colors go, red is definitely a keeper for me. Opposed to what I said about the cropped top dress trend, gowns in red are oozing with class and elegance. In the future, I’m hoping that minis, like the one Julia Roberts wore to the Emmys, will take precedence, as well as plunging necklines ala Sarah Silverman’s stunner.

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