Will There Be a Full House Reunion or Spin-Off?

This may end up being too good to be true, but please oh please let this happen. If you grew up in the 90’s, you watched “Full House” every week. It was a staple in so many households.  Even children growing up today watch this show religiously because it’s always airing on Nick at Nite. Well, sit down, your world is about to be rocked. The “Full House” cast and creators are working on bringing the family sitcom back in some way, shape or form.

Will There Be a Full House Spin-Off?

Will There Be a Full House Spin-Off?

There are reports that Warner Bros. Television is in the very early stages of reviving the hit comedy series. Apparently one of the stars of the series, John Stamos, original executive producer Bob Boyett and series creator Jeff Franklin are pushing to bring the comedy back for another run. In fact, some of the original cast are completely on board already. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber are all planning on joining the series, while Bob Saget and Dave Coulier will be involved in some capacity, although that’s not clear yet.  There is no word yet if both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen would return as well, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t count on it from them. Franklin is even writing the new version, so you know it’s going to be good, unlike that horrible “Boy Meets World” spin-off on the Disney Channel. Yeah, I said it.

Obviously, I’m ecstatic about these reports, but I have to admit I’m not really surprised. The cast has made it very clear that they want to join up again and produce a sequel.  In recent times, Stamos, Saget and Coulier have appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and “The View”.  Even last year, Stamos reunited with his fictional “Full House” band, Uncle Jesse & the Rippers, to play a medley of their hits, while both Saget and Lori Loughlin were in the audience.  Then, there was the Super Bowl commercial for Dannon’s Oikos Greek yogurt last year.

Will There Be a Full House Spin-Off?

Will There Be a Full House Spin-Off?

I have really high hopes for whatever the powers that be have planned here. Gather up Steve, Aunt Becky and the twins and I’m completely sold.

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