Will There Be Another Lost?

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Were you one of those people who obsessed over “Lost” every Wednesday night? After all, the ABC series became a real phenomenon among pop culture, which is why everyone wants to know, will “Lost” ever return to our lives in some way shape or form?  Well, “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof told E! News that he does believe that the series will find a way to live on in the future. However, it is probably not quite in the way you’re hoping it will be.

Will There Be Another Lost?

Will There Be Another Lost?

Lindelof told the news outlet, “I think there will be more Lost. But I don’t think it’s gonna come from us. My guess is that some other creative team will come in and take their creative spin on this content, which is really exciting.” He also went on to explain, “I think we told our story, you know. We put so much energy into ending it, that to put energy into kickstarting it again, you know…The show, I felt like it had a very successful life. Maybe it lived a little too long, but I never felt like it didn’t live long enough. So I feel like there will be more, but it won’t be made by us.”

While the series finale aired in May 2010, technically ABC has free reigns to do whatever they want with the concept. ABC and Disney ultimately own the rights to “Lost”, so if he studio and network decide they want to reinvent “Lost” in some format, they can without needing any input from the show’s original creative team.

Will There Be Another Lost?

Will There Be Another Lost?

Do you want to see “Lost” return to television or do you think it ran its course? While I may not have been a huge fan of the way it ended, I think sometimes you just have to let things die.  Personally, I don’t see how the series can be rebooted with the way the story ended. The only possible way, in my eyes, to bring “Lost” back to television would be through a re-telling with a new cast and I think it’s too soon to even do that.

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