Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – Proud of Her New Body Shape

Wendy Williams is on the list of those celebrities who have undergone bad medical treatments. Even though she is in her 40s now, she has undergone a number of different plastic surgery procedures to make her appear hotter and younger than before. She embraced the rumors regarding Wendy Williams’ plastic surgery and ended up letting people know that she underwent breast augmentation and liposuction to alter her look.

Wendy William Plastic Surgery

Wendy William Plastic Surgery

It might have been her overweight appearance that led her to think it isn’t possible to achieve a sexy appearance from exercise and a balanced diet. She ended up making the decision to undergo plastic surgery to alter her appearance and change her body shape. As far as we know, she has underwent cheek implants, rhinoplasty, an eye lift, Botox injections and a breast augmentation. If you were to look at her before and after photos, you can easily see the results of her Botox injections.

Her tummy tuck and body lift doesn’t look as good as what she did before. To hide all of the results, it appears as if she decided to get some tattoos to cover up the blemishes. Not only is she happy with her current shape, but she has even suggested to others that they need to visit a plastic surgeon in order to achieve the perfect body.

In her book entitled “Wendy’s Got the Heat”, she claims that she feels that plastic surgery is the best way for you to get the figure you desire without having to spend as much time getting it. Take a look at the photos and see if you can tell the difference between how she looked before she became famous and how she looks after the surgery.

Wendy Williams before she was famous

Wendy Williams before & after Plastic Surgery

Wendy’s goal is to boost her appearance and beauty to appear more attractive and glamorous for the camera and all of her fans. Within a relatively short time period, she ended up with a whole new outlook on life and an enhanced degree of beauty all from plastic surgery.

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