Vivica A. Fox vs. Kenya Moore

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Did you watch last season of The Celebrity Apprentice? If so, you know that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore and actress Vivica A. Fox are not on the best of the terms. To put it lightly, they hate each other. First off, there was that whole phone scandal where Fox accused Moore of stealing her phone and hacking her Twitter with absurd tweets.

Vivica A. Fox vs. Kenya Moore

Vivica A. Fox vs. Kenya Moore

When asked about the matter, Moore said, “The whole thing is quite ridiculous, I don’t think I needed to send out a tweet or take someone’s phone to win. I was a strong player from the beginning through the end and I didn’t need to resort to such ridiculousness.” Obviously, Fox had to fire back at the woman she referred to as having a “lop-sided booty” by calling her out on her plastic surgery. She said, “Nobody talks about her face… I have been a natural girl. I have never tried to turn myself into Maleficent…go have some good work.”

Well, I think we can all agree on the fact that both of these ladies have gone under the knife to fix up their faces. There’s nothing subtle about their appearances anymore. However, what I don’t quite understand is why both women are hiding this fact. It’s as if they are calling each other out on what we all already know and then getting mad at the very thought that they can be anything other than all natural? Women are funny like that, I guess.

Vivica A. Fox vs. Kenya Moore

Vivica A. Fox vs. Kenya Moore

So, whose side do you take on this matter? As someone who watched The Celebrity Apprentice every week, I have to say I’m team Vivica A. Fox. While neither lady is innocent here, I think, for the most part, Moore started this feud. I fully believe the accusations that she stole Fox’s phone to further herself in the competition. Sure, both ladies got low with this fight, but Moore took the cake here. What do you think? Sound off!

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