The View Experience Major Shake-Up

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Fans of “The View”, I have got some bad news to report. It looks like there has been a huge shake-up at the ABC talk show, which has left three fired. Yes, THREE. Among those who got the axe are hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, as well as executive producer Bill Geddie. Apparently the decision was made late last week, with only Whoopi Goldberg getting the green light to continue on with the show.

Jenny McCarthy Fired From The View

The View Shake-Up

According to different sources, Shepherd’s reason for being canned was that she could not reach an agreement with ABC on a new deal for the upcoming season. McCarthy, though, was let go because the show “is moving in a new direction creatively.”  With these women out, many people are beginning to speculate who will take their places to join Goldberg at the round table.  Some are guessing that The View will bring on some men to their team, in particular Ross Mathews and Jesse Palmer. Others are saying that Rosie O’Donnell will return to the show or maybe even Laila Ali will take a stab at it. I think it would be interesting to hear a guy’s perspective in the mix, but at the same time that just strays away from what the show was originally about. Who do you want to join the cast? I think someone like Michelle Obama would make a great addition to The View, but at the same time she is probably way too busy to even consider signing on.

Sherri Shepherd Fired From The View

The View Shake-Up

Are you surprised over this? To be honest, McCarthy getting fired isn’t too shocking because I never found her to really be a good fit for the show. In my opinion, she just does not seem like someone The View’s audience would take a liking to. Shepherd and Gettie, however came out of nowhere. It seems like if they are going to make such a big shake-up on The View, they would just get rid of everyone and start fresh with all new hosts. So what’s the point in keeping Goldberg on? Either way, what are your thoughts on this all? Let me know!

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