Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Stay youthful and fresh in your old age, that’s what many people dream of. Commonly, once you hit fifty years old, you have some aging problems. If you don’t take care of your skin or body, it’s all going to get loose. Victoria Principal, a classic actress whose age currently has reached 62 years, still looks so young and energetic. When many people ask for her explanation about how did she keeps her look so young, they don’t get one.

She’s said that she gets her look from exercise and a healthy life. She’s strongly denied all the rumors that she’s gone under the knife. Based on the photos of her, there’s an interesting discussion to be had about her potential surgery.

First, her eyebrows look like they’ve been moved up. This indicates she’s had a facelift and browlift. Her face also looks tighter around her eyes, and there’s no sagging skin or wrinkles. Second, her forehead is so smooth and tight – it looks like she’s had botox. These are too strange to have happened without her having had some surgery. Third, the media has speculated about the woman who played Pamela Barnes on Dynasty from 1978 until 1987 and her surgery. They speculated that she may have also had a neck lift to refine her look. She may deny the rumors, but there’s the photos to spur discussion. Now it’s your turn to analyze and see what you think.

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