TV Anchors Josh Elliott and Liz Cho Get Engaged

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Did anyone even know that NBC Sports’ Josh Elliott and WABC’s Liz Cho are engaged? Well, they are. According to Elliott’s former “Good Morning America” colleague, Sam Champion, the couple took their relationship to the next level. Champion tweeted, “Im not going to b at work tomorrow. @JoshElliott32 and @LizCho7 announced their engagement tnite!!” He then followed up that tweet with another that read, “I LOVE U 2!” From there, Elliott retweeted Champion and added, “Friends get no better…” Besides Champion, on the social media site Elliott thanked publicist and TV star Kelly Cutrone, “Good Morning America” segment producer Michael Del Moro and New York Post editor Jamie McCarty for their well wishes. Cho also retweeted Champion, although she didn’t add her own two cents into the mix.

TV Anchors Josh Elliott and Liz Cho Get Engaged

TV Anchors Josh Elliott and Liz Cho Get Engaged

Elliott and Cho first started dating in 2012, right after Cho broke up with her then spouse Evan Gottlieb. The two had a daughter together, Louisa Simone. This will also be the second marriage for Elliott, who has a daughter as well, named Sarina, with his ex -wife Priya Narang. So, how did this engagement go down? According to The New York Post, Elliott and Cho were vacationing in Europe right before Labor Day. It was sometime during that trip that Elliott decided her wanted to propose to Cho. The media outlet states, “He gave her a simple gold band that was a family heirloom and meant a lot to him. It’s been very low-key, and people may not have even realized she was engaged, because she’s not wearing a standard diamond engagement ring. They have just started revealing the news to close family and friends.”

TV Anchors Josh Elliott and Liz Cho Get Engaged

TV Anchors Josh Elliott and Liz Cho Get Engaged

I’ve always liked both Elliott and Cho on their respective platforms and I could not be happier about this engagement. While I had no clue that they were even dating, they seem like the perfect match. Hmm, I wonder if they’ll broadcast any of the wedding details, as they both spend their lives on TV.  What do you think?

Once again, congratulations Josh and Liz!

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