Tori Spelling Dealing with Breast Augmentation Repercussions

During the second season of the series for the hit show Beverly Hills 90210, Tori Spelling shocked a bunch of her fans with her deformed breast. Back in 2008, she had acknowledged the failure of her surgical procedure. She has stated that she regretted having the breast augmentation procedure. It might end up affecting her ability to produce milk when having children. Unfortunately, blaming the surgeon isn’t going to help correct her breasts and restore their once vibrant nature. She has undergone breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty.

Tori Spelling breast augmentation

Tori Spelling breast augmentation

Many of the Hollywood stars have undergone breast augmentation surgery. Audiences seem surprised when their favorite stars suddenly appear with far larger breasts than what they had not long before that. Tori Spelling is no different than many others. This beaming mother seems to be getting thinner and thinner. Many people were once concerned with the state of her health.

Her left chest cavity is a lot farther down than her right is, which is symbolic of those who have undergone breast augmentation surgery. It isn’t as stable as what it should be, so she invested in surgery again to try and correct the problem. Her case of plastic surgery is one that went terribly wrong. Even though she has admitted that she regrets having the surgery, that isn’t going to correct the problems it caused.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Sadly, it seems as if she chose the wrong surgeon for her procedure. With her deformed chest, she isn’t able to wear revealing clothes that show her neckline. Since she was younger when she had the procedure done, it seems as if she has a deep dent in the right side of her chest from all of the different surgeries. There is no hiding all of the problems with her breasts.

Before having the surgery at 20 years of age, she wasn’t very well-endowed in the chest area. Her hope was that she would have the fuller breasts she longed for, but that wasn’t the case. She ended up with a concave chest that shows she underwent breast augmentation surgery. After trying to deny it for years, she finally told everyone the truth in 2008. Too bad the beauty didn’t just stick with what she had from the beginning.

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