Tom Cruise’s Face Injections

There was a time back in the day when Tom Cruise was every lady’s dream guy. After all, he was the leading man in such hit films like Jerry Maguire, Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July and even A Few Good Men. Then, time happened, mixed with a couple of random outbursts on everything from psychiatry to his love for Katie Holmes, and the world couldn’t help but see him in a whole different light. Now, it seems as if Cruise is trying to make his way back into the public’s heart with a whole new appearance courtesy of plastic surgery.

Tom Cruise Face Injections

Tom Cruise Face Injections

When Cruise stepped out at the Jameson Empire awards a week or so ago, we couldn’t help but notice how much puffier his face looked. It’s obvious, with just one quick glance, that the 51-year-old actor’s face was full of all kinds of fillers that can only be obtained with the help of a surgeon. While Cruise has always been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, there’s no denying it this time around.In fact, Cruise’s pillow-like face could be the result of swelling from having too many injections. Of course, fillers are supposed to fill in gaunt faces, giving off a youthful and refreshed appearance. However, they can actually have a complete opposite effect, like the one Cruise is experiencing, if the procedure is botched up. Many times celebrities who go under the knife for face injections are super insecure about how they’re aging. Whether they’re afraid that growing old will reduce the amount of roles they’re offered or they just want to look their very best in the spotlight,  this procedure is very common in Hollywood. Patients who want to look decades younger know that a rounder face, with more fat, will appear less old and haggard than one with barely any fat at all. Besides this, these fillers are also typically used to eliminate wrinkles, again leaving patients looking fresh faced.

Tom Cruise Face Injections

Tom Cruise Face Injections

It should be interesting to see if Cruise ever admits to his plastic surgery or if he will deny it like a long list of other stars. However, with a procedure like the one he had done, a picture says a thousand words. Image 1 Image 2

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