The Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery Procedures

Some people like to spend money on cars, homes, vacations and vacation homes. Other people splurge on new boobs, chins and foreheads. If paying off your student debt loan seems expensive, check out how much these celebrities spent on sprucing up their personal appearance:

Celebrity Plastic Surgery_Bruce Jenner Before and After


More Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery Procedures

Vivica Fox: This leading lady is rumored to have spent over $30,000 on breast implants alone.  Rumors have also circulated about Botox injections and Rhinoplasty. Considering, that the average nose job can cost between $6,000 and $12,000 and the average Botox injection can cost several hundred dollars, an estimate of close to $40,000 is a conservative guess. According to the Census, the US median wage is $26,695. Fox could have almost paid two people an entire year’s salary for the cost of her boobs nose.

Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner: If you thought $30,000 was expensive, Jenner’s 10-hour facelift is rumored to have cost upwards of $70,000! Toss in breast implants, hair extensions and any Botox and the number could easily run close to $100,000. As a comparison, you could purchase a house in some cities for $100,000. You could probably even score five 2015 Ford Focuses for the same price.

Michael Jackson:  Jackson may be most well-known for his awesome music and killer dance moves, but he’s also the picture of plastic surgery taken to the extreme. Estimates place his number of surgeries at over 100 in 30 years. Surgeries included skin bleaching, cheek implants, lip augmentation and rhinoplasty. Estimates place his surgical procedures in the millions! That is a lot of houses, trucks, dinners and annual salaries.

 Jocelyn Widelstein: The mother of all expensive plastic surgeries goes to the woman who underwent multiple plastic surgeries to the tune of over $4 million. Widelstein has claimed that her surgical procedures were an attempt to please her husband, who had a thing for cats. Unfortunately, this $4 million expenditure has often landed her on plenty of “plastic surgery disasters” lists. If you consider that the average American spends about $500 per month on groceries, Widelstein could have fend 666 families for a year, with what it cost to pay for all of her surgical procedures.

The next time you are thinking about splurging on a vacation, don’t feel guilty, you could be spending millions on never-ending plastic surgeries.


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