Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Teri Hatcher recently looked so youthful, though her age will not lie that she is currently 48 years old – nearly half of a century. Therefore there are many speculations about the woman who is best known as Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives. The rumors appeared that Teri had done several plastic surgery procedures. They included botox injections or fillers injections, eye lift surgery, cheek implants and a nose job. Is that true?

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

Well, by comparing her look in the past and the current one, we will find some differences. The first suspect is her wrinkle-free forehead. We see no wrinkles in her forehead, it seems she had her forehead injected with botox. It appears so smooth, maybe too smooth, as her face looked much frozen than after doing that. It seems the fillers like restylane successfully made her face a lot tighter, especially around the eyes. Teri Hatcher herself has admitted that she had  botox in the past.

The second suspect is a possible cheek implant. It can be seen from her face that her cheeks look extra plump. Third, you can see differences in her nose and eyelids. It looks like her nostrils are a different size, perhaps from a rhinoplasty. She may have also had an eyelid surgery to rid that area from fat. Overall, she looks so youthful, although a bit too injected in some areas. She needs to control her love of injecting fillers if she doesn’t want to be too plastic.

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