Taylor Schilling Speaks Out Against the Selfie Shade

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In today’s world, everyone loves to take selfies. This is just the society we’re living in. However, if Taylor Schilling had her way selfies would be a thing of the past. In the June 2015 issue of ELLE Canada, the actress shared all her views on the Internet, social media and life before Orange Is the New Black began.

Taylor Schilling Speaks Out Against the Selfie Shade

Taylor Schilling Speaks Out Against the Selfie Shade


When Schilling was asked whether or not she takes part in the Internet “culture”, she made it clear that she finds the whole concept “sad” because all it does is make people feel more alone. She said, “There is something so sad about going online and seeing almost everyone shouting ‘Notice me, notice me!’ Which is such a human desire—to be acknowledged. But me responding to that with some sort of ‘You’re noticed, you’re seen’ only perpetuates the loneliness. Because I’m not seeing you; I’m not noticing you.”

While she may sound completely unapologetic for her strong views on what the Internet has to offer, she doesn’t mean to come across that way. In fact, she feels that people all deserve to be appreciated in their own way instead of some kind of fake validation.  Schilling explained, “And whoever you are, you so deserve to be noticed and valued. I feel lucky to have not grown up with the Internet because it forced me to get out, struggle and be so messy.”

Schilling would much rather live in the real world than a fictional one like the one social media accounts like Instagram offer people. To her, these platforms are dishonest. The actress commented, “It has almost become a defiant thing at this point because I do not believe this celebrity Kim Kardashian culture is what I signed up for. I’d rather create something honest than try to create something for a social-media account.”

Taylor Schilling Speaks Out Against the Selfie Shade

Taylor Schilling Speaks Out Against the Selfie Shade

To be honest, I think Schilling made a great point here. Most individuals are way too focused and obsessed with their online image and what kind of life is that? What do you think? Sound off!

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