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Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Call It Quits

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Call It Quits

If you liked Zac Efron with Michelle Rodriguez, I’ve got some sad news for you. It seems like this summer fling is no more and that the couple has put an end to whatever exactly it was that they had. The actors have decided to go their own ways for now, although were they ever an actual couple to begin with? According to a source close to the pair, “It had just been a casual hookup for Zac and Michelle. They were having fun.” The source then went on to say, “She is such a great person and he naturally gravitated...

Zac Efron Body Transformation Before Picture

Zac Efron’s Body Transformation

If you’re a teenage girl, or the mother of a teenage girl, there’s a good chance that you’re a fan of Zac Efron. After all, what’s there not to love about this guy? He can sing, dance, act and has abs that we can only dream about. While he first rose to fame as Troy Bolton in High School Musical, he soon made a name for himself starring in movies like The Lucky One, 17 Again, That Awkward Moment, Hairspray and New Year’s Eve. Now, he’s a bona fide movie star getting ready to release his new film, Neighbors. For those that have...

Zac Efron Nose Job

Zac Efron Nose Job Before and After Photo

There is quite the discussion about a young and talented singer, Zac Efron. What is the interesting thing about him? That is his nose – it’s been changed. Several years ago he began his career as a star at the age of 17 years old and had a natural good look. And lately the rumors have been about his activity under the knife. He was rumored to have had his nose done. Zac Efron Nose Job Before and After Photo was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by Alexis Diamante