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Will There be a Lizzie McGuire Cast Reunion?

Will There be a Lizzie McGuire Cast Reunion?

Doesn’t it feel like all your favorite shows are getting ready to make a comeback? First “Boy Meets World”, then possibly “Full House” and “Married…With Children” and now “Lizzie McGuire”?  That’s right, you read that correctly, except this time we’re not looking at a reboot of the hit Disney series, but instead a cast reunion.  Okay, so maybe this reunion isn’t as set in stone as the rest of the shows mentioned, but it looks like Hilary Duff is definitely interested in one. When Duff was asked by the Huffington Post about a possible reunion, she said, “I love it! I...

Will There Be a Married...With Children Spinoff?

Will There Be a Married With Children Spinoff?

Last month I reported that the hit 90s show “Full House” was working on creating a much needed spinoff and now it looks like another television classic is going down the same route. The Fox comedy show, “Married…With Children” is looking to return to television, only this time it would focus on David Faustino’s character, Bud Bundy. Apparently Sony Pictures Television is currently trying to pitch this new series, although Sony TV has yet to comment. Of course there’s no network deal in place yet, so anything can happen, but since Sony TV is pitching the series, things seem to be...