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Miranda Lambert's Weight Transformation After

Miranda Lambert’s Weight Transformation

Miranda Lambert is without a doubt one of the biggest names in country music right now. Not only is the singing superstar married to fellow country hotshot Blake Shelton, but she has also released countless singles throughout the years like “Gunpowder & Lead”, “The House That Built Me”, “Over You” and “Baggage Claim”. Most recently, Lambert put out her hit song “Automatic” off her new album, Platinum, earning rave reviews from fans and critics alike. That’s not the only bit of news from Lambert that is grabbing everyone’s attention. At last week’s Billboard Music Awards, Lambert debuted “Somethin’ Bad”, which is...

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

You can clearly see which actresses have undergone plastic surgery just by looking at how their appearance changes over the years. Tara Reid is one of those actresses. I believe most people already know Tara Reid, who is the famous actress from the first series of “American Pie” movies. She has admitted that she has undergone plastic surgery, rather than denying it like other actresses. Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by Alexis Diamante

Bruce Jenner

Increasing demand for Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Do you know that these days more and more men are choosing various cosmetic procedures to improve their look? The days have gone when plastic surgery procedures were carried out for the wealthy women. Now, both men and women whether ordinary or celebrities, are undergoing plastic surgery in order to improve their appearance. For some people, it becomes an addiction to undergo more and more procedures to preserve the look of youth. There can be several reasons which have increased the male plastic surgery to great extent. The increasing economy, competitive job market, fashion industry and other factors have given...

Jennie Lee Plastic Surgery

Jennie Lee Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennie Lee is one of many celebrities with a plastic surgery addiction. Oprah Winfrey has said that Jennie Lee could be a doll in real life – she is almost like a piece of moving plastic. According to some Jenny Lee has had more that 20 procedures  to enhance her look. Talking to the media, she expressed her little regret about her plastic surgery. Her regrets come from her child that didn’t recognize her. Jennie said that when her daughter looked at a photo of her before surgery, she didn’t recognize the woman in the photo as her mother. After...

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

What thing can make someone have a different look or appearance? Plastic surgery might be the easiest answer. Clay Aiken’s appearance has undergone great changes that are possibly the result of plastic surgery. From the photos spread, the changes are so obviously seen. He had a jaw surgery and liposuction. He had admitted the rumors are true in a talk show. He admitted to having plastic surgeries including the jaw work and a liposuction. The first, the jaw surgery, was obviously. If you take a look at his jaw in the past and the new one, you’ll find that the...

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Before and After Liposuction

Jennifer Love Hewiit is very well-known for having a big bust. And, recently she was a bit disturbed by some manipulative ads discussing her. Those adds ads appeared to show that she had a breast reduction See also : Tara Reid Liposuction Before and After Photo The ads show a black dress picture covering her large bust, so that her bust appeared smaller than usual. The actress expressed sadness after seeing these photos, and hearing the rumors that she had a breast reduction. There was no truth to that rumor. Beside the breast reduction rumor, there was also a rumor...

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Naomi Campbell is often discussed by many people for her beauty and plastic surgery. An undoubtedly beautiful woman, people have noticed some changes in her when comparing her older and newer photos. They think that those changes could be the result of plastic surgery procedures, including a nose job, liposuction and filler injection. Based on her before and after photos, people noticed a change in her nose shape. They guessed that she had her nose redone to make the shape look more fine. It worked – she hasn’t overdone it. Her curvy body is rumored to be the result of...

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Sofia Vergara’s body is always a fun topic to discuss. She has large breasts, and a really hot body. Some have concluded that she’s had a lot of work done to her body. According to those rumors, she’s had breast implants, liposuction, and botox injections. The great transformation is obviously visible. Her breasts are a lot bigger and tighter than they used to be, which could have been done with breast implants. She was also rumored to have had a liposuction to remove the fat from around her waist. Liposuction is an instant way to make someone’s waist free from...