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Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?

Katie Holmes Dating Jamie Foxx?

Are they or aren’t they? There are definitely rumors swirling around that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating. In fact, these rumors have been around since 2013, but it seems like things are finally starting to heat up between these two. According to Us Weekly, Holmes and Fox have “been hooking up on the DL” for the past year and a half. Of course, Foxx’s rep declined to comment on the matter, while Holmes’ rep didn’t even bother to respond at all to the requests for a comment. Either way, though, these celebrities don’t seem to be all that concerned...

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Katie Holmes is like other celebrities in that she isn’t far from the plastic surgery talk. People tend to be the most interested in her nose, which was changed with a rhinoplasty. In the past, she had a snub nose with a rounded tip. After the rhinoplasty, it seems the tip of her nose has been reshaped to be smaller and the bridge looks narrower than before. Katie Holmes, whom we know as a pretty cute girl, now has transformed into a beautiful young lady. She looks more mature after the nose transformation. Dr. Anthony Youn agreed that Katie Holmes likely...