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Summer Celebrity Hair Trends

With summer in full swing, celebrities are setting the style trend for new hairstyles for all of us to consider. Everything from daring haircuts to even more brazen colors is showing up on the heads of celebs everywhere. Seems that hair stylists are going to have a busy season this year! The Pixie cut is coming back strong! Celebrities such as Ginnifer Goodwin from Once Upon a Time not only rock the look, but are inspiring other celebrity and non-celebrity fans alike to make the chop. Other notables who have whacked their hair are Kaley Cuoco, who just debuted her...

Kaley Cuoco Bra Size After Breast Augmentation

Kaley Cuoco Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

Does having a new bra size always get attention from the public? Well, when an actress suddenly changes her bra size, the rumors of her having plastic surgery suddenly follow her around. Kaley Cuoco is one of those actresses who have drastically changed their bra size. In the past, she had medium sized breasts, and now they’ve changed to be much fuller and bigger. Kaley Cuoco Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by Alexis Diamante