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Joan Rivers Remains On Life Support

Joan Rivers Remains on Life Support

This is so sad. Ever since I was a little kid, Joan Rivers has been a television staple for me. From her hosting the E! news red carpet segments with her daughter, Melissa, at every major award show to co-hosting “Fashion Police” on that very same channel, Rivers has been a constant source of entertainment. If you’ve been following the news at all lately, you know that things haven’t been looking good for Rivers. Last Thursday, the 81-year-old host stopped breathing while she was undergoing a minor throat procedure in New York City. Ever since then, she has been in...

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Joan Rivers’ poor plastic surgery decisions have damaged her own face.  The 80 year old grandma has spent a lot of time doing plastic surgery and it ended up awful. She was listed as one of the worst plastic surgery victims ever in Hollywood, or maybe be in the world too. She has had almost all plastic surgery procedures. But there are some points of her that become most. Some of the poorest result of plastic surgeries she has had include botox, a facelift, rhinoplasty and lip augmentation. Joan Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos was last modified: June...