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Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kathryn Morris’ plastic surgery rumor is mysterious. Many people imagine that her new appearance is due to some procedures. Her appearance nowadays looks nice and youthful, even though she is a bit plastic. Some people have discussed it and guessed that Kathryn Morris might have had some procedures, including a facelift, botox and some fillers injections. Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by Alexis Diamante

Bruce Jenner

Increasing demand for Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Do you know that these days more and more men are choosing various cosmetic procedures to improve their look? The days have gone when plastic surgery procedures were carried out for the wealthy women. Now, both men and women whether ordinary or celebrities, are undergoing plastic surgery in order to improve their appearance. For some people, it becomes an addiction to undergo more and more procedures to preserve the look of youth. There can be several reasons which have increased the male plastic surgery to great extent. The increasing economy, competitive job market, fashion industry and other factors have given...

Leslie Stahl Plastic Surgery

Did Leslie Stahl Have Plastic Surgery?

Even though Leslie Stahl is no longer a young lady, she looks ageless. Many people speculated that she had a facelift. We can see from several points on her face, that her skin appears tighter than it naturally should be. Her tight skin makes her look youthful and ageless. She looks 25 years younger than her current age, which is too good to be natural. Many people agree that Leslie Stahl had a facelift to rejuvenate her look. And the result itself is great. We guess that she may try to do a neck lift yet, since you can see...

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Barbara Hershey might be obsessed with being youthful. She underwent plastic surgeries procedure to achieve this. She has tried botox injections, lip injections and a facelift. The lip injection made her lips look more plump than before, but it’s not a permanent lip injection. It was removed and made her lips look like they had before. With regarding to her winkles, she had them removed thanks to botox. As you can see, she has no wrinkles on her forehead anymore. However, the botox also made her face look frozen. She also tried a facelift to make her skin look tighter...

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before After

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Nicole Kidman is a really successful actress and film producer . Unfortunately, not all aspects of her life are as good as her career. The impact of plastic surgery on her face is one of those aspects. She has undergone several procedures, including a mini facelift, botox, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and lip augmentation. A mini facelift made her face tighter than usual, which looked well done. The second is the botox, she might be one of botox lovers among the celebrities. Unfortunately, it looks that she had too much injected because her forehead seems too smooth and unnatural. Third, she...

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Loni Anderson is another veteran actress who started doing plastic surgery to address her age. She is no longer young, but tried to make herself look more youthful with surgery. She has undergone several procedures, including a facelift, breast reduction, nose job, and possibly lip implants. She is among those actresses brave enough to undergo several procedures at an older age. The results are obvious in her appearance. First, she got a facelift. Noting that her age is 72, there is no doubt that she had a facelift to make her skin tighter and more youthful. It looks like the...

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sophia Loren is no longer a young actress, she is now 78 years old.  We can imagine how people naturally look on that age, sagging skin appears everywhere, wrinkles etc, but not for her. Sophia  Loren appears with youthful skin, even though she is nearly 80 years old. Many people have guessed that the honor Italian actress has undergone under plastic surgery. Dr. Anthony Youn thought that Sophia Loren might have spent at least $50.000 to rejuvenate her look. He guessed she had some procedures such as a facelift, lip augmentation, breast implants, eyelid surgery, fat injection, chemical peel and...

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Plastic surgery is not always done well. That statement might be appropriate for describing the case of Delta Burke. If the rumors about her plastic surgery are true, she could be listed among the celebrity who has had some trouble with their plastic surgery. What happened to her? Delta Burke has a very different look now – she’s no longer the beautiful Delta. Her face looks fat and swollen now, prompting some people to speculate that she had fillers, cheek implants, chin implants, and a facelift. Those rumors spread like fire after the changes in her face were exposed. She...