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Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery

Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Bernadette Peters is highly regarded for her stage and television performances, and also for her plastic surgeries. Her age certainly doesn’t show.  I think she could pass for late 40’s if we wanted to be nice. This star has become more attractive with age.  It shows that the stress of her roles cannot get her down. She has denied the rumors that she has had plastic surgery.  She claims that anything that might change the look or her skin is taboo in her household. But not all of her fans believe it. The growth of plastic surgery, thanks to heightened media...

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Gretchen Rossi, one of the Real Housewives Stars, looks different lately. Many fans have noted that she could have done something to her face. If you take an intense look at her face, you’ll see that her face is unrecognizable. See Also: Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery Gretchen Rossi used to deny all the rumors and said that she didn’t do any surgery besides regular botox injections. But we can see from the pictures that she may be hiding something about her enhancements. There are changes in her face when you look at her older pictures. First, her upper lip looks...

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Robert Redford is currently 76 years old. He’s being discussed on this site for his youthful look that makes him appear to have shaved 20 years off his age. Lately, he’s looking like a 50 year old man. He lacks the sagging skin customary for a man his age. The one thing that could keep him looking this young may be plastic surgery, because we can’t tell if his look is natural.  Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by Alexis Diamante

Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery

Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Yoon Eun Hye looks so attractive and beautiful. Like other famous Korean actresses, it was noticed that she looks different than she used to. Rumors then began that Eun Hye had some work done on her body. What plastic surgery did she undergo? Many people speculate that there were changes to her eyes, breasts, and nose. Comparing her past photos and her latest photos, this may be true. First, Eun Hye’s eyes look more open than they used to be, therefore she may have undergone eyelid surgery. It also looks like she had some changes to her nose, including the...

Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery

Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

What do you think when you look at Ayumi Hamasaki? The first time you see her, you will feel that she looks naturally cute and beautiful? Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most popular idols in japan. It is not only for her beautiful music but her look as well. She has a really cute face. People might think that she is somewhere between 20 to 25 years old, but in fact she is 34 years old. The singer was rumored to have several kinds of plastic surgeries. First, she possibly had a nose job. Based on the photos above,...

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It has been noticed that Fan Bingbing looks different than she used to. There is a lot of speculation about the changes. Some have said that she has had procedures to turn her into a new Fan Bingbing. In detail, they speculate that she has had significant changes to her face. In comparing her prior photos to the current, it looks like there have been three areas of change: her nose, her eyes, and her chin. First, her nose she is quite a bit different. She used to have a wider and cute nose, and now the bridge of the...

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Paul McCartney is listed among men who have played with plastic surgery. He may have had a good reason to do it – his age. He’s has plastic surgery to rejuvenate his look. Looking at his older photos and current photos, he may have had some work done on his face, including botox injections and a blepharoplasty. We see that in the previous photo, the area around his eyes seems like it is dropping.You can also see some wrinkles around the sides of his eyes. But the latest pictures don’t know wrinkles and his eyes look fresher and more open....

Maggie Gyllenhaal Plastic Surgery Photo

Maggie Gyllenhaal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Did Maggie Gyllenhaa go under the knife? This rumor has been discussed in the medias. She’s also been caught by some paparazzi going into plastic surgery clinics. Some guess that she’s already had a chin reduction, eyelid surgery, chemical peel, botox, and breast lift. Those speculations were based on Maggie’s current appearance. First, she used to have a double chin and we don’t see that anymore. It may have been removed with a chin reduction, which looks well done. Her eyes used to also be droopy, but now they look more open and fresh. Her eyelid surgery or eye lift has...