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courtney cox plastic surgery

Courtney Cox Admits to Undergoing Plastic Surgery

With Courtney Cox turning 50 this year, she still looks amazingly attractive and young. She gained popularity during her run on “Friends” and “Cougartown”. Many people in the media started wondering if she had undergone plastic surgery or not. The only reason people started questioning whether she had surgery done or not is because of how young she looks. Whenever people see someone looking as amazing as she does at her age, they instantly assume plastic surgery is responsible. If you were to look at some of the pictures of her over the past few years, you can see changes...

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery – Admits Aging!

Like most celebrities, Courtney Cox has chosen plastic surgery as the best solution to reduce the unwanted fine lines and wrinkles of aging. She was also not happy with her breast size, so she had breast enhancement surgery to enhance her overall appearance and personality. In this previous article Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery you can see Courtney has a big change in her face and breasts and you can see much bigger and fuller breasts now. Take a look at Courtney Cox before and after breast implant surgery. During an interview, she confessed that she had undergone different plastic surgerys on her face...