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Three Celebrities Who Regret Plastic Surgery

Three Celebrities Who Regret Plastic Surgery

When an individual undergoes plastic surgery, they have these high hopes that they’re going to come away looking better than ever before. While this is often achieved, there are a lot of celebrities who regret ever going under the knife. Check out some of these stars below: 1. Cameron Diaz Back in 2014, Cameron Diaz revealed to ET Online that she had undergone Botox treatments. However, she felt that the treatments changed her face “in such a weird way.” She went on to explain, “I’ve tried [Botox] before, where it was like a little tiny touch of something. It changed my face...

Cameron Diaz Nose Job

Cameron Diaz Nose Job Before and After Photo

Cameron Diaz is known to have undergone some plastic surgery procedures, and one interesting procedure to be discussed is her nose job. As we can see, her nose looks different now than it did in the past due to a nose job. Diaz has admitted that she had a nose job, and stated that she did it for medical reasons. The 40 year old actress explained that she got the nose job when she had an accident in surfing several years ago. You can clearly see changes in the shape of her nose. Her nose used to look wider and rounder,...

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cameron Diaz has a new look recently. This has been discussed in many forums. People are talking about the possibility of her having plastic surgery. Do you think the 40 year old actress did it? There are strong speculations that she’s had botox to keep her look smooth, shiny, and youthful. What kinds of plastic surgery has she had during her carer? Previously, it was rumored that she had a breast augmentation and a nose job. It was said that she went under the knife to make her breasts bigger. That rumor was supported by a number of photo spreads...