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Kaley Cuoco Before Breast Augmentation

Kaley Cuoco Has Boob Job to Increase Her Bra Size

When it comes to Hollywood women, Kaley Cuoco is one of the sexiest women in the business. She was born with a natural beauty that many can only dream about having. Regardless of how beautiful others thought she was, it wasn’t enough for her. She was unsatisfied with certain parts of her body. Many people might not realize that she underwent a breast augmentation procedure. She made the decision to have a boob job to increase her breast size to a C-cup. The changes to her breasts were first noticed in 2012 when she walked the Red Carpet. Even though...

pam anderson boob job

Pamela Anderson – Famous For Oversized Breast Implants

Pamela Anderson had undergone breast augmentation several times in her career. Due to this reason she has become popular for her oversized breast implants. Not only this, she has also had numerous other plastic surgeries on her face as well such as nose job, liposuction, lip enhancement and cheek implants. She was completely a different person with fresh and beautiful face than we are used to seeing. Therefore, many people think that Pamela Anderson has ruined her natural beauty in order to look younger and sexy. This 46-years old blonde bombshell has a fear of aging that always let her...

Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery

Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Yoon Eun Hye looks so attractive and beautiful. Like other famous Korean actresses, it was noticed that she looks different than she used to. Rumors then began that Eun Hye had some work done on her body. What plastic surgery did she undergo? Many people speculate that there were changes to her eyes, breasts, and nose. Comparing her past photos and her latest photos, this may be true. First, Eun Hye’s eyes look more open than they used to be, therefore she may have undergone eyelid surgery. It also looks like she had some changes to her nose, including the...

Brittany Murphy Plastic Surgery Photo

Brittany Murphy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Brittany Murphy attracted lots of people for her outward appearance. Some of those people talked about that she may have had plastic surgery, and that she may have overdone it. People speculated that she had a breast augmentation, nose job, and lip augmentation. It you compare the size of her breasts previously with the newer picture, you can see the change in size between the two, which may be due to a breast augmentation. You can also see changes in her nose, although they are much subtler. There is some change in the bridge of the nose, which looks narrow...

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Augmentation

Meagan Good might be one of less well known celebrities talked about when it comes to plastic surgery, but her changing appearance was noticed by some. They speculated that her breasts look different from before, and that the 32 year old actress underwent a breast augmentation. You can see this from the significant difference between her earlier and later photos. It looks like her breasts are bigger and rounder, and look like they’ve gone from a B cup to a D cup. Did you notice it? She looks to have had no more plastic surgery. The most visible change is in...

Arianny Celeste Boob Job

Arianny Celeste Boob Job Before and After Photo

Arianny Celeste recently was discussed in some forums for not only her beauty, but also her large breasts. They look natural, but many speculate that they are too good to be natural and that she must have had a breast augmentation. From the photos above, her breasts look unnatural. The later photos show that her breasts are bigger than before. What do you think? Do you think they are fake or natural? Arianny Celeste Boob Job Before and After Photo was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by Alexis Diamante

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Coco Austin’s unusual appearance has become a great topic among chatterers in many forums. She has undergone a lot of changes if we compare her current looks with her previous appearance. The obvious work can be seen in her breasts and buttock. The size of those areas became a lot bigger than usual. This were caused by her extreme plastic surgeries, including breast implants and buttock implants. There are many good and bad opinions about the results, although mostly bad opinions. Many people commented that she looks so horrible after the plastic surgery. They loved her previous appearance more than...

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sophia Loren is no longer a young actress, she is now 78 years old.  We can imagine how people naturally look on that age, sagging skin appears everywhere, wrinkles etc, but not for her. Sophia  Loren appears with youthful skin, even though she is nearly 80 years old. Many people have guessed that the honor Italian actress has undergone under plastic surgery. Dr. Anthony Youn thought that Sophia Loren might have spent at least $50.000 to rejuvenate her look. He guessed she had some procedures such as a facelift, lip augmentation, breast implants, eyelid surgery, fat injection, chemical peel and...