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Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Photo

Susan Lucci Then and Now

Susan Lucci could be one of the women who will never have an old look. How can it be? Well, The actress currently has reached 66 years old, but still looks so young. She has turned back to her younger face. This could be the result of plastic surgeries. Dr. Anthony Youn said that Susan Lucci’s plastic surgery procedures are difficult to guess because the results are so great. But he mentioned Susan Lucci had a browlift, facelift, eyelid surgeries, cheek implants, and chemical peels. 

Based on Dr. Youn’s opinion, we can analyze the possibilities. The first is the browlift. From the previous picture and the new one, we can see that her brow nowadays looks a bit pulled up. She also has a different shape of her brow.

The second is a possible facelift. Logically, an lady who is 66 years old,  should have some sagging skin around her face. But we could find none. The facelift could have worked on her face to tighten the skin. The result itself is so great, it doesn’t look overdone.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Lucci Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

The third is her fresh eyes, which look youthful for her age. The fourth, she likely had a facelift combined with botox or cheek implants to make her face perfect. Her cheeks also seem fuller than usual. The last procedure is a possible chemical peel that has made her skin so clean and clear without any spots or dead cells.

Overall, Susan Lucci looks so great, she is listed as one of the best plastic surgery results. In truth, if the rumors are true, she is clever in deciding what she really needs to enhance. She’s also been approached with rumors of a breast augmentation and liposuction, but she’s never admitted those. She has said she’s all natural. Is that so? What do you think? Is it natural?

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  1. Reenie Paes says:

    I think Susan lucci looks great! Just wondering who her plastic surgeon is? I am in need of a good doctor. Please let me know who her specialist is.

    Thank you
    Reenie Paes

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