Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Stephanie Pratt was noticed to have had some enhancements to her look. Was this true? It’s been reported by the media that Stephanie Pratt went under the knife when she was only 23.  The procedures included a rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation. She successfully reshaped her nose and got bigger breasts.

And in the recent years, she was reported (again) to have had plastic surgery. Those procedures included a second nose job, chin implants and facial fillers. Based on the rumors, it looks like she may be addicted to plastic surgeries, because in only few years, she has had multiple procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden explained that Stephanie looks like someone else due to her plastic surgeries at such a young age.

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

If we compare Stephanie in the past photo and the latest photo, we can see specific changes. The first, her nose, looks narrower with a smaller tip. The first nose job might have looked nice and fit her face, but people imagine why she had the next nose job when she had a really nice shape before. Second, she had chin implants in order to reshape her chin. Third is the filler injections she had, especially in her lips. Unfortunately, in most people’s eyes, the injection looks unnecessarily done. Her lips look unnaturally nutritious and a bit plump. She would have been better off not having the lip injection because she already had good lips.

Beside those possible procedures noticed by media, the 27 year old Stephanie was also rumored to have had botox at a young age. Well, that’s the Hollywood life, We have no doubt that most celebrities have gone under the knife. Unfortunately for a young actress, it shouldn’t happen to them this young.

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  1. Lexxi says:

    I am not a big supporter of plastic surgery but she looks amazing in her “after” photos. She did look a bit manly before…….