Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Sophie Monk is familiar with plastic surgery. This can be seen from multiple changes in her appearance. According to some rumors, she had plastic surgeries in order to keep her on track in entertainment industry.

What kind of plastic surgery she habe? Well, the 33 year old singer  admitted to several surgeries, including a nose job, lip augmentation, botox and a boob job.

Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery

Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

First, she did a nose job to reshape her nose. The rhinoplasty made a little bump on her nose vanish. The rhinoplasty was well done and helped define her look. But, Sophie Monk admitted that she regretted having plastic surgery, especially the botox injections and the the lip augmentation.

Those two procedures made her face look swollen. She went too far with the lip augmentation and botox injections. The lip augmentation made her lips become unnaturally thick, while the botox froze her face and made it too smooth. She was actually very happy to stay natural prior to her dating a plastic surgeon. Once she met him, she started undergoing procedures, such as a nose job, lip augmentation, and botox. She also then underwent her boob job to increase the size of her breasts.

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