Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sophia Loren is no longer a young actress, she is now 78 years old.  We can imagine how people naturally look on that age, sagging skin appears everywhere, wrinkles etc, but not for her. Sophia  Loren appears with youthful skin, even though she is nearly 80 years old. Many people have guessed that the honor Italian actress has undergone under plastic surgery.

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Then and Now Photo

Dr. Anthony Youn thought that Sophia Loren might have spent at least $50.000 to rejuvenate her look. He guessed she had some procedures such as a facelift, lip augmentation, breast implants, eyelid surgery, fat injection, chemical peel and botox treatment. General opinion is that this is true, as her look seems unnatural.

The facelift has made her face tighter than usual, unlike the typical 78 years woman who usually has sagging skin. Her lips look refreshed and nutritious, indicating that she had a lip augmentation by injecting some fillers like juvederm or restylane. Her eyes look rejuvenated, like she has had them done with some type of eyelid surgery.

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Photo

Sophia Loren Lip Augmentation, Breast Implants

She might possibly have also had  a chemical peel in order to remove any spots on her skin and make it smooth. Her plump cheeks look like they’re the result of a fat injection, while her forehead looks like it was helped by a botox injection. Overall, she has great cheeks and a smooth, wrinkle-free forehead.

Overall, Sophia Loren is lucky that all the plastic surgery she has had looks well done, and not over the top. She looks great nowadays.

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    So this is just a guess and not fact?