Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Sofia Vergara’s body is always a fun topic to discuss. She has large breasts, and a really hot body. Some have concluded that she’s had a lot of work done to her body. According to those rumors, she’s had breast implants, liposuction, and botox injections.

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sofia Vergara Breast Implant Before and After Photo

The great transformation is obviously visible. Her breasts are a lot bigger and tighter than they used to be, which could have been done with breast implants. She was also rumored to have had a liposuction to remove the fat from around her waist. Liposuction is an instant way to make someone’s waist free from fat in a short time. It’s also been reported that she has had botox. We don’t see any wrinkles or lines on her face. After being asked about whether she had plastic surgery, Sofia Vergara revealed that she had a breast lift in the past, and that she’d undo it when she didn’t need to be sexy anymore.

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