How Old is Smokey Robinson – Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Current images often raise the question, How old is Smokey Robinson?  The world remains in awe as Smokey Robinson, speeding past his strong 76 years of age. Smokey has made a new Hollywood triumph! Showcasing new and improved features, it is clear that this star has spent some time under plastic surgery knife.  The results have made him younger than ever before, with a tightness to his face that was not previously found, a fullness in the cheeks, and a rosy red pinch at his cheeks to offset his stunning green eyes—eyes which of course have been left untouched.

What Plastic Surgery has Smokey Robinson done?

Dr. Anthony Youn stated that the new results of this star’s profile are likely the result of several plastic surgeries. Surgeries he has had over the course of his long career. Some of the most prominent surgeries assumed to be among this star’s repertoire include: the classic face lift, a brow lift, and eye lid surgery. Eye lid surgery is now among the five most popular surgeries for men around the world.  So it is no wonder this star decided to jump on the band wagon.

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery before and after photo comparison

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery

In the photo above, one can visibly see the changes in the fullness of the face, the higher tucked eyes and brows, as well as evidence of a face lift.

In earlier photos it is clear that there is a large difference in the brows. In fact, looking at older photos and comparing them to present day reveals that the brows are tightly pulled upward, something which suggests that they have been modified in old age. Another oddity in what should be the natural aging process is that the brow seems farther from the eyes, and the eyes themselves appear youthful. These are both signs of surgical interventions.

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, the work that was done here was a bit too much.  Stars like Smokey Robinson might be better off reconsidering such drastic anti-aging surgeries when they have made it beyond a certain age. The same doctor has commented that some of the changes brought about by this aging star look unnatural. And one might have to agree. There is such a thing as a plastic surgery which is inappropriate for one’s age. That said, Smokey Robinson looks to be happy in his younger appearance. While not everyone will agree that it is a natural appearance, his youthful looks have certainly added to his smile.

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4 Responses

  1. Mason G. Phipps says:

    Sorry this does NOT look like plastic surgery at all to me …..he looks good but it does not appear to be the result of phony Dr. Anthony Youn — Smokey has great rejuvenation treatments but that ain’t plastic surgery no way

  2. Madame A says:

    I think William Robinson looks fabulous. Just glad he is still here singing his heart out and hope to see you real soon! OOOHHHH Baby Baby…Mmmmmmmmmmwwwwaaaahhh!

  3. Lenora Jackson says:

    Smokie Robinson looks so great i have front row tickets to his concert on june 4th. So smokie please just touch my hand and sing Tracks of my Tears. You’ll my favorite artist.