Selena Gomez’s Evolution

There was a time when Selena Gomez was America’s darling. You may recall the actress turned pop singer first rose to fame back in 2007 when she starred as Alex Russo in the Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”. Since then, Gomez has gone on to appear in movies like “Spring Breakers” and “Monte Carlo”, as well as release chart topping singles like “Come and Get It” and “Naturally”.

Selena Gomez Breast Implants

Selena Gomez Breast Augmentation

So what’s the 21-year-old superstar up to today? Well, it seems like she’s taken a break from her career to focus on getting her life in order. In December 2013, Gomez had to cancel the highly anticipated Australian-Asian leg of her Stars Dance Tour, stating that she needed to take some time out to spend with her family. However, she later came clean that her tour cancellation was due to a quick stint at rehab. Before you jump to any conclusions, though. It wasn’t for substance abuse, but treating trauma instead. According to her representatives, Gomez voluntarily chose to spend those two weeks at the Dawn at the Meadows treatment center. While her fans want to believe that this is the truth, many members of the public are doubting this story. Audiences feel that she entered rehab for much more serious issues, like a strong drug or alcohol addiction.  After all, over the years, she’s been dating Justin Bieber who is definitely not a good influence. In fact, just recently the magazine, In Touch Weekly, reported that Gomez was pregnant in 2012 with Bieber’s child, but ultimately miscarried. They allege that Gomez wanted to have the baby, and therefore went into a downward spiral when that didn’t happen.

Selena Gomez Breast Implants After

Selena Gomez Breast Augmentation

All these reports should come as no surprise, since it’s clear that Gomez is no longer the sweet and innocent girl we once knew. She’s growing up, and quickly evolving into an adult in front of all of our eyes. If for no other reason, Gomez doesn’t even look the same anymore. There have been numerous claims that the star has undergone plastic surgery for breast implants. If you look at one photo of her from her younger years, you’ll see that her breasts were much smaller than they are today. Gomez has never confirmed these allegations, but it’s hard to deny the pictures which clearly show a difference in her cup size. Maybe one day Gomez will spill the truth, but for now she is staying closed lipped.

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