Selena Gomez Receives Noise Complaint

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Oh Selena Gomez, you just can’t stay out of trouble anymore, can you? The one time squeaky clean Disney star recently had a run-in with the law. However, before you start jumping to conclusions, it wasn’t for anything  too illegal or risque. Instead, Gomez got a visit from police at her Hidden Hills home in California after neighbors complained about the extreme noise coming from her party last Tuesday night. In fact, apparently the volume was so loud that even the windows of nearby homes were shaking.

Selena Gomez Receives Noise Complaint

Selena Gomez Receives Noise Complaint

After the cops told Gomez to lower the noise coming from her place, the actress turned singer happily complied. While it may seem like she was just throwing a complete rager, that does not seem to be the case. An insider at the party claims that the 21-year-old’s party was too loud because of live performances that were happening in her living room for her 20 guests. That same source went on to say, “The music may have gotten a little too loud because it was two guys performing and there were speakers, but it definitely wasn’t some out of control party.”

This is refreshing news to hear. I think I speak on behalf of all of Gomez’s fans when I say that she definitely seemed like she was on a downward spiral for a while there. After all, earlier this year she entered rehab, although it was reportedly not for a drug or alcohol addiction. It is nice to see that this just seems like some innocent fun that got a little too noisy. Nothing more. However, it is important to note that the news of Gomez’s noise complaint comes in right after the Spring Breakers star all but confirmed that she is back together with on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber.  It is obvious that Bieber is not the best influence on Gomez, leading her to deal with one problem after the other.

Selena Gomez Receives Noise Complaint

Selena Gomez Receives Noise Complaint

I’m sorry all you Jelena fans out there, but I do not see this one lasting long at all. At what point is enough enough? What do you think? Are you hoping the Biebs and Gomez will stick it out for the long run?

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