Scooter Braun vs. Lil Wayne

Remember when Justin Bieber was that sweet and innocent pop star singing songs like “One Time” and “Baby”? Well, it seems like ever since the Canadian superstar started associating himself with rappers like Lil Twist, everything has gone completely downhill for him. Do we even need to remind you of his arrest earlier this year? That’s why the people in his life who only want the best for him are starting to take action, and that begins with the Biebs’ manager Scooter Braun.

Scooter Braun's Feud with Lil Wayne

Scooter Braun vs. Lil Wayne

In case you’ve forgotten, last summer Braun actually kicked Lil Twist out of Bieber’s Calabasas home, stating that he was a bad influence on the singer. Well, it seems that didn’t settle too well with Lil Twist’s friend, Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne recently made a video where he called out Braun for his treatment of Lil Twist, spewing “bitchass n—a for talking s– about Twist.” He later screamed, “I ain’t gonna make you eat them words, I’m gonna put them b-tches on your tombstone!” Of course no angry rant would be complete without one final “F–k you, Scooter!” before walking away. However, while we get that Lil Wayne is trying to stand up for his boy, it has us questioning ‘why now?’ This drama between Lil Twist and Braun happened last summer, so why is Lil Wayne rehashing old news? Either way, we wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.

Lil Wayne's Feud with Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun vs. Lil Wayne


While that has us all puzzled, the real question here is who is Bieber siding with? Does he think Braun is in the right for removing Lil Twist out of his life, or does he feel Lil Wayne is correct and that Braun is being completely unfair? Naturally, Bieber has not made an official statement, but he did give us all a strong impression of what’s going through his mind à la Instagram. He posted two pictures last week on the social media app of him and Braun hugging it out, with the caption “All love”. Even though we probably won’t ever know what officially went down with all these parties, it’s nice to see Bieber sticking close to the ones who were there for him since day one.

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