Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin’s mother, might have had plastic surgery in order to rejuvenate her look. As we can see by her recent appearance, she looks amazingly refreshed and 15 years younger than her age. The 49 year old mother has impressed many people for the way she kept her look. What kinds of plastic surgery has she possibly had? A medical adviser, Dr. Nail Sadick, explained that Sarah might have had botox in some areas of her body, including her forehead, around her eyes, and her neck. Beside that, she also may have had cheek implants and a facelift.

Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery

Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery

As Dr. Sadick said, some areas on her face looked refresedh. The botox injected in her face successfully made her face wrinkle-free. We didn’t find see wrinkles on her forehead and other areas that look so youthful. To avoid the sagging skin that comes with getting older, Sarah Palin also might have had a facelift. That procedure tightens the facial skin nicely without overdoing it.

And the last possible procedure is the cheek implants. Her cheeks look so plump nowadays, that this could be cheek implant’s effect. Overall she did a great job. Her plastic surgeon did amazing work that made her look a lot younger than what you would expect.  Sarah Palin’s case is one of the best plastic surgeries.

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