Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery

Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Salma Hayek Jimenez, better known as Salma Hayek, is a Mexican actress who built her career in Mexico. Her first Telenovela that rose her name was “Teresa”. Her name started to fly higher when she took a role in a film entitled “El Callejón de los Milagros” (Miracle Alley). Then she moved to Hollywood. Desperado was one of films that she starred in.

It’s no secret than many Hollywood actresses have had plastic surgery. Salma, a 47 year old woman, has had several kinds of plastic surgery. When these rumors first appeared, she tried to decline each of them, saying that she had no plans to undergo surgery and that everything was natural.

Many people don’t believe this based on the various photos of her.  At a glance, she might look so natural that it appears she has had no plastic surgery. But if we looked her a bit more intensively, there you will see the differences.

Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

Salma Hayek Breast Implant Before and After Photo

The first rumor is that the Mexican actress had something done with her nose. Seeing two photos of her, people can see that her nose looksd different. In the past, her nose was rather big with a wider bridge. After the nose job, it got narrower and smaller.

The second rumor is about her breasts, which she had done to be bigger and rounder. She might be one of sexiest woman in America, partially for her perfect looking breasts. They are too big to be natural breasts, since she had smaller ones in the past. People strongly believe that these changes are the result of plastic surgery. Salma certainly disagrees with these rumors. Is it true or not?  The people have to decide whether she had it or not.

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2 Responses

  1. Christine Zuck-Jacobson says:

    Just saw her on the Golden Globes 2020. Her breasts are way too big. You don’t notice her beautiful face…all you see are those huge protrusions. Why do women do this?? What woman would willingly want to carry them around unless they were desperate for attention?

  2. Natalia Markova says:

    The nose job is obvious. The new nose is half the size of the old. Looks good though. What a gorgeous woman.