Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Robert Redford is currently 76 years old. He’s being discussed on this site for his youthful look that makes him appear to have shaved 20 years off his age. Lately, he’s looking like a 50 year old man. He lacks the sagging skin customary for a man his age. The one thing that could keep him looking this young may be plastic surgery, because we can’t tell if his look is natural. 

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford Then and Now

What kinds of plastic surgery did he have?

This veteran actor probably had a facelift, botox, fillers, and an eyelid surgery. Like many celebrities, Robert Redford had a facelift to rejuvenate his look by tightening the skin. We can see that his facial skin was tightened nicely. The second procedure removed wrinkles. The wrinkles in his forehead area have been removed with the botox injection. Nowadays, his forehead looks smooth.

And the third is the eyelid surgery. This procedure has made his eyes look more refreshed, especially for someone his age. It’s also been rumored that he may have had cheek injections to look even younger. Overall, he looks like he’s had successful surgeries, although he hasn’t acknowledged them. However his face can’t hide the truth.

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3 Responses

  1. Jenny Norman says:

    OMG he is the most gorgeous man alive why surgery so he has wrinkles so what I’d still look at him and to kiss him would be the ultimate for sure and I’m only 46 years old who cares about age I say.

  2. Anonymous says:

    he looks like a mask,,, didn;t improve his looks,,,,a very bad face lift,,,

  3. Anonymous says:

    he looks terrible now