Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery

Going under the knife at 24 years old was really surprising from Rick Springfield who was born on August 23rd, 1949. He is a famous Australian singer that shared his experiences in having plastic surgery with the public. According to Rick’s opinion, he was forced by one of the teen magazines to get a more youthful appearance even at the age of 24. After that he decided to find a plastic surgeon to solve his problem.

Unfortunately he did not share details about what kind of plastic surgery he had. However, we can tell by looking closely at his photos. He may have had a facelift as well as botox injections, because he has no wrinkles and his skin is very smooth. Unfortunately, he got some unexpected results, because his face looks unnatural for sure. He told the public that he felt very disappointed after doing this plastic surgery.

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