Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery

Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery

Reba McEntire is currently 58 years old. But one thing that has impressed people is her look. Even though she is no longer young, her appearance looks younger than her age. She is so youthful nowadays, and it’s impossible if it’s the result of natural treatment.  Therefore many people have guessed that Reba has played with plastic surgeries.

What kind of plastic surgery she did?

There are three possible plastic surgeries she did. They are a facelift, botox and breast augmentation. First, Reba’s face looks tighter nowadays. Her facial skin doesn’t look saggy. This could be the facelift working well on her face. Second is a botox injection. Botox may have been used to remove the wrinkles on her face, and the result seems perfect. We don’t see any wrinkles or lines on her forehead. Instead, it’s totally smooth. She’s turned into a more beautiful Reba.

Reba McEntire Breast Augmentation

Reba McEntire Breast Augmentation

The third procedure is the breast augmentation. This procedure has increased the volume of her breasts, making them bigger and rounder. Dr Walden stated the same thing – that she had a breast augmentation, facelift and some fillers. Dr. Paul Nassif stated that Reba McEntire doesn’t only have a botox injection or facelift, but also a rhinoplasty. He explained that the rhinoplasty  narrowed the bridge of the nose nicely.

Overall, we could conclude that the plastic surgeries she had are very successful and not overdone. Reba was wise for doing only procedures that she needed.

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4 Responses

  1. Darcy says:

    I get a kick out the the photos chosen for this story, come on, how can you compare 25 year old Reba to the now Reba. She has aged much better then almost everyone else though.

  2. Zach Mabels says:

    Reba’s a hog … oink, oink, oink!

  3. Anonymous says:

    She alway was a beautiful person

  4. tammie phillips says:

    Reba is beautiful then and now..