Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

He might have wanted to turn back the time to when he had a nice look, but he failed. That’s what some say about Ray Liotta’s appearance. He used to have a nice look, but he might have had some procedures done to his face in order to bring back his best look in his old age. Now he’s 58 years old, and he shouldn’t have spent his old days getting the awful plastic surgery he had.

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

You might be curious what plastic surgeries could have made him look so awful. Dr. Anthony explained that Ray Liotta may have had his laugh lines badly injected with fillers, as well as also having a facelift and botox.

Ray Liotta’s look is so awful. He might have had a facelift to make his skin tight and fresh. But unfortunately, the result is just what we see now. It doesn’t look good. The result of injecting fillers into his laugh lines is a cold look. We can’t see a natural smile at all. It also looks like he has covered his forehead in botox because it looks perfectly smooth without any wrinkles. He should honestly rethink what he’s done. Becoming too obsessed with being young is not a good thing. When the result ends up being far from the expectation, you’re just left with regrets.

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10 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    He’s doing commercials for A stop smoking med, and he looks terrible… his face looks like plastic..way too much plastic surgery or really BAD plastic surgery.

    I could tell without having ever having heard of him before.

  2. donna says:

    I don’t think Ray Liotta really cares what other people think of him or his looks. He is an attractive man that many women would fight to take home. He is an accomplished actor and needs no ones approval. Age changes peoples looks. Its funny how they post a young pic then an older pic and expect us to believe he has had plastic surgery. As for me I love the man no matter what he looks like.

  3. elise says:

    umm what the hell did liotta do to his face? he needs to slip into his goodfellas character Henry hill and off the plastic surgeon who marred his face.

  4. Rick says:

    Good Lord. I find both this website and the awful, horrible, pitiful writing/grammar and witless, repetitive, simple-minded observations made to be the most egregious things on here. It honestly makes the supposedly “terrible” after pictures of some of these celebrities come across as beautiful.

    Why would anyone waste time on a site that makes simplistic observations based on bad photos? Ray Liotta always had that smile and his face used to look much more crinkled when he was much younger. He seems to have finally ironed out that skin issue but now has his smile being called a plastic surgery disaster. You obviously haven’t really looked at the man.

    Bad photos…we ALL have ’em. The only difference between you and I and people like Ray Liotta is that we don’t have photographers up our noses to take snapshots of our mugs so that they can fill websites like these. When you’re a celebrity, the chances of bad photos of you appearing on Google search gets increased so many times over because there are thousands of pictures being taken of you at every moment possible. Your choices of before and after photos to illustrate your speculations are so weak half the time, it makes this blog come across as just silly and not from a very bright source, unfortunately.

  5. Deborah says:

    You should really think about using spell check or a dictionary next time. Your sentences don’t flow, it’s hard to understand what exactly you are trying to say and I’ve never seen such horrible grammar.

  6. Doris says:

    Who wrote this story? The grammar is horrific!

  7. Shannon says:

    Bad pictures to really see. You can’t even see how truly beautiful this man’s eyes are. As for his scars, well…I think he is just handsome scars and all. I have 28 scars 🙂

  8. comfort says:

    for sure that is a lesson

  9. Anonymous says:

    i remember ray liotta from a soap ; another world; he was so handsome,, played joey,,,,now, i don;t know him,,,,

  10. Anonymous says:

    poor ray liotta,,,,a changed man,, with new face,,,, much too tight,,he needed skin grafting, or laser , to remove his acne , and bad scarring,,,,