Political Plastic Surgeries

Apparently, even the White house is not free from the pressure to look a certain way. More than one first lady (and former) has gone under the knife to improve looks. Several of the White House’s finest have reportedly gotten nipped and tucked.

Political Plastic Surgeries

Michelle Obama: This 51-year old first lady admitted that she thinks women should be able to get plastic surgery without fearing judgement. She told CBS News that women should do they need to do to feel good about themselves. Reports circulated earlier this month that Obama ad undergone outpatient plastic surgery at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Obama reportedly had liposuction on her stomach, hips and butt. Other experts have suggested that she may have also had Botox injections.


Hilary Clinton:   Former White House Chief of Staff and candidate for president, Hilary Clinton reportedly had several plastic surgery procedures in the past. Rumored surgeries include laser treatments, eyelid surgery and a neck lift. Clinton has never confirmed whether these surgical rumors were true. A smoother looking face and neck lend credence to the rumors of plastic surgery.

Joe Biden:  Rumor has it that Vice President Biden has had several cosmetic procedures including hair plugs and a face lift. Other surgeons have speculated that he may also had had had a brown and eyelid lift. One professional surgeon speculated that he had a noninvasive procedure to get the results. In addition, Biden may have received a few Botox injections in preparation for his 2008 presidential debates. Biden vehemently denied the accusations.

Nancy Pelosi:  Americans love to hate her for her strong personality and often-controversial opinions. Rumors circulating say this 75-year old politician has not aged naturally. Her face is largely free of wrinkles and other signs of aging, which professional surgeons say can only come from cosmetic procedures. Pelosi may have had Botox injections in addition to a face lift.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: This former governor of California and well-known action hero, may not have made it to the White House, but his political savvy kept California in good shape for two terms. Doctors disagree on whether Arnold has undergone plastic surgery. Some say his youthful appearance is due to good genes, while others suggest that he underwent a simple facial procedure to make is face look a little more youthful.

From Hollywood to Washington, plastic surgery is gracing the face and bodies of many of America’s most well known talking heads. Politicians with fake faces… am I the only one seeing the irony here?


Image 1: www.biography.com


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