When Plastic Surgery Turns Deadly  

All is not always well in Tinsel Town. The glamor and lights of Hollywood may shine bright, especially on those who undergo cosmetic surgery to fit the part, but sometimes that beauty-enhancing procedure lowers the curtain on the lives of the patient. A myriad of Hollywood’s finest have undergone cosmetic surgery. Some were unfortunate enough to fall victim to errors and risks of surgery and the world of plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Deaths

Aarthi Agarwal: This Bollywood actress died earlier this week, a month after receiving liposuction.  Reports indicate that this 31-year old star suffered from complications of a botched surgery. Following breathing problems, she passed away from Cardiac Arrest in Atlanta. The star of Raman 2, began acting at 16. Reports indicate her parents may sue the doctor for her death.

Aarthi Agarwal

Betty Pino: This popular Miami DJ died following complications from a repair to a formerly botched surgery. Pino had received black-market injections into her derriere a few years earlier. She then approached a local cosmetic surgeon to help repair the damage caused by her earlier procedure. She developed sepsis following surgery and passed away two months following her surgery.  She was 65.

Sexy Cora: This German porn star died following a botched breast augmentation. According to reports, she suffered two heart attacks during the procedure and doctors put her into an artificial coma before she finally succumbed. She was 23. Prior to her death, she had undergone six breast enlargement procedures. The final surgery was with a new doctor. She scheduled the procedure after her previous surgeon refused to perform the surgery.

Donda West: The mother of Kanye West died following complications from a cosmetic surgery. She had recently undergone a tummy tuck and breast reduction. She was 58. The surgeon who performed the procured was not board certified.

 Dr. Frederic Brandt:  Hollywood’s famous cosmetic doctor hung himself earlier this year after losing his radio show and following a Netflix portrayal of him in a mocking cartoon. Martin Short voiced the cartoon character, Dr. Grant. The cartoon depiction made it obvious that Brandt was the butt of the jokes. Brandt would often partake of Botox injections on a regular basis and was warned off the injections by friends. Although his death was ruled a suicide, the cosmetic surgery world clearly played a role in his untimely demise.


 There are lessons in these premature deaths: Listen to your doctor. If he says no more surgeries: no more. Second, if you opt to have plastic surgery, always choose a board certified physician and do not schedule more than one surgery at a time. It’s tragic that most of these deaths were the direct result of vanity.


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