Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Penelope Cruz should be one of the most stunning actresses in the world. She is very beautiful and talented. Some people have decided to discuss what she’s done to keep her face youthful and great. Did she have some procedures like many celebrities? Dr. Jennifer Walden commented that Penelope Cruz might have had botox and fillers. On the other hand, Dr. Paul Nassif commented that Cruz also might have had a rhinoplasty to refine the look of her nose.

Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery

Penelope Cruz Rhinoplasty

If we look at her facial skin, Penelope Cruz looks great. Her forehead looks free of wrinkles and smooth. A natural treatment isn’t enough to get this amazing look, so botox may have been injected. Her lips may also be the result of plastic surgery – juvaderm or restylane. The rest looks great and her lips are fuller than before. Dr. Paul Nassif also opined that Cruz may have had a rhinoplasty. You can see a chance on the tip of her nose, which is more straight down and pointed. In the past, Penelope Cruz told the media she wanted to grow old naturally, but didn’t foreclose surgery. Therefore the speculation could be right. Overall, Penelope Cruz seems extremely beautiful.

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  1. Richard Davies says:

    If Penelope Cruz has had cosmetic surgery, in my opinion it has been conducted tastefully. I cannot tell whether or not she has gone under the knife.