Pamela Anderson – Famous For Oversized Breast Implants

Pamela Anderson had undergone breast augmentation several times in her career. Due to this reason she has become popular for her oversized breast implants. Not only this, she has also had numerous other plastic surgeries on her face as well such as nose job, liposuction, lip enhancement and cheek implants.

She was completely a different person with fresh and beautiful face than we are used to seeing. Therefore, many people think that Pamela Anderson has ruined her natural beauty in order to look younger and sexy.

This 46-years old blonde bombshell has a fear of aging that always let her to get the best of her body. Interestingly, she never denied having breast implants but denied undergone any other surgery to enhance her look. She was not happy with her natural C cup breasts, so decided to have her first plastic surgery to elevate her size to DD.

Pamela Anderson Before & After Breast Implants

Pamela Anderson Before & After Breast Implants

When we see her face, it is clearly shown that she has also had lip augmentation for a poutier look.

No doubt that she is a plastic surgery addict that makes her looks extremely different from her young age photos. It will definitely do not surprise anyone.

Once you see the before and after plastic surgery photos, you will be surprised to see the difference of young Pamela Anderson with a pretty smile and now with plastic surgery face. Some even called her as a queen of plastic surgery, who has gone under the knife several times for breast improvement and other cosmetic procedures over the course of her career.

Pamela Anderson Before & After Plastic Surgery

Pamela Anderson Before & After Plastic Surgery

In 2012, she had acted as a representative for breast implants industry and recommended Silicone breast implants to FDA as this type of breast implants was ban in US at that time.

Many believed that if she had not undergone these surgeries, she could look much better with her age than she is today!

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