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Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery

Olivia Newton John is an Australian singer who was born in Cambridge, UK. The 64 year old singer recently looks so unnaturally young. This may indicate that she has had several plastic surgery procedures. Those procedures includ a facelift, botox treatment and facial fillers. First, she might have had a facelift, this kind of procedure has helped to rejuvenate her face by lifting the saggy skin to be tighter like a more youthful face. It seems she did it well.

The second plastic surgery procedure is the botox treatment. She has injected her forehead with botox to remove all the wrinkles on her forehead. The wrinkle-free forehead is so unnatural, we guess she had too much botox. The third procedure is the facial fillers. There are some points possibly injected with fillers, like her cheeks and her lips. The cheeks might be injected with fat, or other fillers that made her cheeks so plump.

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Photo

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

And her lips, they seem more nutritious than before. Restylane or juvederm might be the possible fillers that were injected in her lips. How does she feel with her current face, does she feel freeze? Except the facelift, she had too much injected in her face – it makes her look so plastic.

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2 Responses

  1. vivien says:

    Inside and out she is beautiful.
    I was obsessed with her and john travolta when i was younger.
    Watched grease more times than i can remember

  1. June 5, 2013

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