Nicollette Sheridan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Nicollette Sheridan Plastic Surgery

Nicollette Sheridan Breast Implant Before and After

When the plastic surgery rumors are coming up on the internet, an actress denying the rumors is hardly a new thing. Nicollette Sheridan, who is in her late forties, is also rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. You can see the drastic changes in her appearance spreading around the internet.

Firstly, she probably had a breast augmentation. Having a medium cup size would probably be good enough for most women, but she’s changed hers to be even bigger and rounder. Now, she has very unnatural looking breasts.

Nicollette Sheridan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nicollette Sheridan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Further, she might have had a lip augmentation. It is not secret anymore that having plumped lips can be accomplished by a lip augmentation. Her lips even look swollen after having this. Here, she got a good result overall, and her new lips fit in well with the rest of her face. She may have also had chin implants. Her face now looks wider and more defined, more oval. Even though she hasn’t confirmed the rumors, her drastically changing appearance is easy to see.

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