Nia Sanchez: The Miss USA Scandal

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If you weren’t tuned into the Tony Awards last Sunday, there is a good chance you were watching the Miss USA pageant instead. This program is known for gathering up the most beautiful and talented young women across the country to compete against one another for the title of Miss USA. However, it wouldn’t be a beauty competition without some controversy and this one here is no different. After Nia Sanchez won the 2014 title, rumors started swirling around that Miss Nevada faked her residency in Las Vegas in order to represent the state. What do you think?

Miss USA scandal

Nia Sanchez: Miss USA Scandal

Although Sanchez was definitely born in California, she has lived in all parts of the world like Germany, the Middle East, Hong-Kong and even Africa. However, about a year-and-a-half ago, the beauty moved to Nevada to pursue modeling and other promotional gigs. So, why does the public think she lied about where she’s living in order to compete in the Miss USA competition? Well, it’s a known fact that the California competition is very steep, filled with some of the brightest ladies the country has ever seen, so it would come as no surprise that someone would rather take their chances against Nevada’s women than the Golden State’s.

Is that a fair assumption to make, though? Not at all. At the time Sanchez competed as Miss Nevada, she met all the necessary requirements. In fact, Sanchez even held off competing back in 2013 because then, she had lived in Sin City for just under six months. To her, she felt that was too short of a time to truly represent the state. She felt she needed to go into the competition properly, so instead she supported her friend Chelsea Caswell, who went on to win the title that year. Now, over a year later, Sanchez felt she was ready to compete, and she did a fantastic job.

Miss USA scandal

Nia Sanchez: Miss USA Scandal

From what I could tell, she honestly was everything Miss USA should be. Sanchez was confident in herself, inspiring to ladies all over the globe, and painstakingly gorgeous. It’s not right to discredit all the hard work she put into winning that title, simply because she’s a recent resident of the state that she won in. Now you know my thoughts, what are yours?

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