Naya Rivera’s Headline Grabbers

Naya Rivera has certainly been a hot topic lately. That’s because the 27-year-old actress, who stars as Santana Lopez on “Glee”, has been making headlines for everything from her alleged feud with co-star Lea Michele to her countless plastic surgeries. With all this drama going on in her life, where do we even start?

Naya Rivera Headline Grabbers

Naya Rivera: Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Well, Rivera first made her name into every tabloid when she broke up with her fiance, rapper Big Sean. The two first met in April 2013, after a flirty Twitter exchange heated up. From there, this one-time couple became inseparable, appearing at numerous events together and even collaborating on Rivera’s debut single, “Sorry”. During October 2013, the duo announced their engagement and everything seemed perfect between the pair. That was until their breakup went public in April 2014. Since then, Big Sean and Rivera have gone back and forth, blaming each other for the split in front of everyone to see. Some say this relationship was strictly for publicity, and based on the way they handled their breakup, that’s a definite possibility.

Then, there’s Rivera’s various plastic surgery procedures. While there are rumors that the actress has gone under the knife for rhinoplasty, lip injections and cheek implants, no one can deny that Rivera has had some work done on her breasts. Yes, Rivera hasn’t admitted to any of her procedures, but if you take one look at what she used to look like prior to Glee, you’ll see that her bra size has gone way up. In fact, earlier this year, Rivera posted an Instagram photo in an itty bitty bikini top and media outlets all over the world couldn’t wait to pick up the story and dissect her plastic surgery.

Naya Rivera Headline Grabbers

Naya Rivera: Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Rivera’s most noteworthy headline grabber had to be her firing from “Glee”. Sure, the show has stated numerous times that she is still a cast member, but how do you explain the powers that be writing her off from the season five finale? It seems like only time will tell why Rivera’s character was a no-show in the episode, but until that happens, rumors are running wild that the actress had an altercation with her co-star Lea Michele. There’s reports that the women had a fight so big that Rivera had no choice but to leave the show. It should be interesting to see what role Rivera’s Santana will play in season six.

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